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30 Sep

Happiness Is A Small Girl On A Suzuki Quad Racer


Some days, there are just no words for the depth and breadth of her awesome.

There are, however, words for what it feels like to be spiritually confused, and I have plenty of those: over at Their Bad Mother, I’ve been rehashing a question that has been plaguing me since I became a mother – one that has become all the more confused and complicated since the death of my father – can I be a good parent without God? How do I meaningfully introduce my children to God when I’m ambivalent (deeply ambivalent) about organized religion? And why do I worry about this stuff, anyway? You know, just a little light existential interrogation for a Wednesday afternoon. For fun.

PS: For all of your warm and supportive comments on my last post, thank you. Thank you. Your kindness and patience make all the difference.

PPS: MamaPop is up for an award. You know that it deserves one; nay, MANY. Please to help?