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19 Mar

Loved By The Sun

Here’s the thing: sometimes, when you drag ugly or frightening things into the light, the brightness of that light reveals those things to be smaller or less imposing or less threatening or less hideous than you’d thought when they’d been tucked away in the dark or lurking in your closet or under your bed or wherever it is that you lock away your bad things. Sometimes, when you drag scary things into the sunlight, whatever it was that made them scary alights into flame and then dissolves into ash and you are just left with – what? – words, images, memories, the pale outline of whatever it was that was so frightening, a shadow on the ground.

This is why sharing our stories is good. This is why, too, sometimes, exposing those things that hurt us or that might hurt us if we let them lurk in the dark and become frightening is also good. It’s not something for every day – we don’t want to spend all of our well-lit hours poking in the dark – but it is something, something that we need to remind ourselves that we can do, that it’s okay to do, that sometimes is necessary to do.

I am so grateful that you all support me so warmly in this space, and give me the courage to expose my scary things to light. Thank you.

(For a different look at what beauty light – and a good camera, and a gifted artist – can bring, see the work of the divine Ms. Chookooloonks today. She made me beautiful. She’ll argue with that, of course – she did argue with that – but it’s true. She made me beautiful by seeing beauty in me and by seizing that beauty and capturing that beauty and rendering that beauty into art. Would that we all had that gift.)