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25 Aug

Sky Toddler In Flight

karate 128

Hic Rhodus, advice hic saltus. (translation: here is Rhodes, ambulance jump here) — Hegel, Preface To The Elements Of The Philosophy Of Right (1820)

(The quote continues: “To apprehend what is is the task of philosophy, because what is is reason. As for the individual, every one is a son of his time; so philosophy also is its time apprehended in thoughts. It is just as foolish to fancy that any philosophy can transcend its present world, as that an individual could leap out of his time or jump over Rhodes. If a theory transgresses its time, and builds up a world as it ought to be, it has an existence merely in the unstable element of opinion, which gives room to every wandering fancy.

With little change the above saying would read:

Here is the rose, dance here.”

Hegel is awesome.)

(Photographosophy, German Idealist edition.)

(Unrelated: want to go to Africa with me?)