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1 Oct

The Mellow Autumn Came

fall 2010 026 2

Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower. — Albert Camus

(Photographosopy, Fall Is Not Necessarily A Metaphor For Age Edition)

(Other reading for this fine fall day: tetchiness about the buzz around the Fisher Price recall, bitchiness about public health PSA’s in Australia – really, what are they putting in the burgers down there? – anticipation about stalking Ty Pennington, etc, etc.)

(Working on: responding to the charge – one that I had already wrung my hands over aplenty, so: HA HA TROLLS I GOT THERE FIRST! – that my stories about Lesotho were just one big cliche drenched in cliche sauce.)

(Still sniffling over: this, which, as I’ve said repeatedly, puts anything that Beyonce ever produced to shame. See also the version that pairs up with the Charlie Bit My Finger kids, who have joined us in the BornHIVFree cause, which, really, is awesome, and only moderately cliched.)

(DORK ALERT. That said, please vote?)