Me And Camera+, A Love Story

September 23, 2011

I’ve written a lot about Instagram here, I know. But, you guys, it is like a core part of my very being. It is how I am recording my children’s lives. It matters. And it matters almost as much as the Camera+ app.

I couldn’t use Instagram if I didn’t have Camera+. I mean, I could – I did, for quite a while, before I discovered Camera+ – but I wouldn’t be using it as awesomely. And awesome is what matters, right?

Awesome home.

Awesome kids.

Awesome dinosaur.

Camera+ is a photo-editing application that you use right on your phone. I’ve actually got about four folders of photo-editing applications on my phone – each of these folders contains a dozen editing apps, among them PhotoShop Express and CameraBag and TiltShift Generator, and a whole host of novelty editing apps, like Grungetastic and Tiny Planets and Percolator – but Camera+ is the one that I use the most. It’s become my go-to express photo-editing app (Picnik is my go-to photo-editing service online, and PhotoShop is my big gun), mostly because a) it’s easy, b) it has a tremendous range of one-tap editing lenses and filters (which means that you don’t have to fiddle with exposure and saturation settings to get just the right combination; Camera+ has a great variety of pre-set options – one tap of the finger makes your selection, one tap undoes it if you don’t like it, one tap saves it if you do), c) it’s not such a vast range of options that using the app is disorienting (I don’t need hundreds of filters, and I actually don’t want hundreds of filters because I’d never remember my preferences), and d) did I mention that it was easy? (See that whole parenthetical comment about finger tapping, above.)

Tap: Scene -> Clarity; Tap: Effects -> Color -> Magic Hour; Tap: Save; Upload to Instagram; Tap & Swipe: Tilt-Shift; DONE.

Here’s the other thing: it has its own camera functionality, so you can take your photos from within Camera+, which might not seem all that efficient – why not just use the phone’s camera, the one that’s right there in front of your finger? – until you realize that Camera+’s camera is way, way better that the iPhone’s default camera. It has a stabilizer and a timer and a burst setting, and its flash options include ‘flashlight’, which gives a soft iPhone-emitted light effect (which for some low light situations is much better than a harsh phone-camera flash.) Camera+’s camera function is much better than the default phone camera, which means that you can take a much better picture, which means that there’s less need for editing after the fact. And the photo that doesn’t need editing is the easiest photo to edit of all.

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    Jamie September 24, 2011 at 7:38 pm

    I too love the ability to capture my children with the smart phone but my worry is I’m not printing anything out. With my teenager, I have boxes of pictures from his younger days. I might not see them but once every 5 years, but I can put them out and look at them. With all this digital magic, I’m afraid if I don’t save everything just right (which I am HORRIBLE about) all these great moments will be lost. Great pics and ideas. I just need to print out a few.

    Johane Levesque September 24, 2011 at 9:17 pm

    I’m going to have to give my camera+ camera a try… Thanks for the tip! :D

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