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23 May

A Very Big Adventure

Emilia and I are on a grand adventure. Most Disney-related adventures are grand – most of everyday Disney is grand, which is part of what makes it Disney – but this one is particularly special. In part because it’s part of a very cool Disney event (an event that crosses worlds and lands and time zones and the human/monster divide), but also because it’s us time. It’s me, and it’s her, and it’s us together, and we’ve had too little of that in recent months.

Also, there are going to be monsters. (Not yet. Soon. There will be a post entitled ‘The Monster At The End Of This Adventure’, and it will be awesome.) But for today, it’s us.

And that’s pretty special.

(The broad strokes on what’s to come: we are at Disney World now, and tomorrow morning we will start the day at the Magic Kingdom, here, and then finish the day at Disneyland, waaaaaay over there. One day, two coasts, three parks. 24 HOURS OF MAGIC.)