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30 Jan

Find Your Balance, Hit Your Heights


Last year I made some decisions that put me on a highwire – or a tightrope, herbal or a trapeze, find or a cliff face, or in any case somewhere really high up and really scary but also really exhilarating. Somewhere I could touch the clouds. A place from which I could make great leaps and – maybe – take flight. And it was terrifying and thrilling but usually mostly terrifying, and today – TODAY – I put my feet on the platform / grabbed the bar / reached the ledge and was able to take a deep breath and go AHA! I MADE IT. And feel the wind whistle in my ears, and look down and feel a little bit (a lot) of vertigo, and have that moment of HOLY SHIT WHAT DID I DO. And, of course, shout for joy. Because I decided to fly, and discovered that I have wings. This was, of course, AFTER I climbed so high that the only way down was to fly or to drop, but, you know, no big deal. ?#?yesbigdeal?

(More to come on this. Promise.)