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Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy, cialis ed the disease that is killing Tanner, won’t be cured in his lifetime. But it might be cured in another boy’s lifetime. And there are other children out there who live their lives on an abbreviated clock, and other families who wrestle with the hourglass, counting the sands of time as they fall too quickly, and maybe – maybe, maybe, I hope – sharing Tanner’s story, and fighting for this cause, will serve some good.

And so I share his story here. And do what I can – write for him, run for him, chase his dreams for him, all while wearing a tutu* – the best I can. I do, of course, want to raise money for DMD research – there’s a button below, and on my Causes page – and to raise awareness of DMD (some things that I’m involved in, to that end: One Hundred Miles For Tanner, BlogHer 5K, Tutus For Tanner) and to work in some way toward bringing attention to the struggles of families facing the loss of a child from terminal illness. But Tanner is dying quickly, and so mostly, right now, I want to help him chase some dreams.