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9 Feb

Things That Are Awesome, Random Wednesday In February Edition

Things that are awesome:

1.) Being asked to open Disney On Ice / Toy Story 3 On Ice – in a tutu – and knowing that a portion of ticket sales will be donated to Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy in Tanner’s name. I’m probably going to cry, which is going to be disorienting, you know, what with me being under spotlights in a stadium while on ice skates and all. (I don’t actually know if I’m going to be on skates. I will be on ice, so it’s what you’d expect, but you never know. Maybe I’ll fly in on the Tinkerbell wire. That would probably be safer.) (You should totally come. And wear a tutu. And cheer, loud, and pretend to not notice if I do, in fact, burst into tears.)

2.) This photo.

3.) Social Media Week. More specifically, dragging Emilia and Kyle downtown to speak at Social Media Week Toronto about their experience being part of a social media family, which is to say, put them in front of a crowd and demand that they explain what it feels like to be fodder for my ongoing virtual storytelling experiment. You might want to come see that. You don’t have to wear a tutu.

4.) The heartburstingly awesome Alison from Nummies Bras, who shared a post of mine about post-partum depression with her audience (you’ll recognize it as a reworking of this post from last summer) and who is gently moderating the discussion and spreading the love and support and doing so, so much to support the cause of fighting depression-shame. I adore her, muchly.

5.) Being a Bloggie finalist, in the category of Best Canadian blog, which is totally more prestigious than Best Blog By A Person Who Lives Adjacent To The Greater Toronto Area.

6.) The Basement.

7.) My mother, who has been writing about Victorian vaginal examinations for reasons that only make sense if you know my mother and/or read her blog.

8.) Your confessions about what you’d wear if you could channel your kids’ style, and make no apologies to anyone, anywhere, and also if they made footie pajamas and Spiderman snow boots in adult sizes. If you haven’t already, leave a comment to be eligible to win a $150 Old Navy gift card. (Tomorrow I’ll post the results of my styling session with Emilia, about which I’ll only say this for now: there were skull-print socks, vintage patent leather heels, leggings, a circa-80’s Armani party dress and an umbrella involved.)

9.) Crazy bandit squirrels.

(Observe Harold and Maude on their perch in upper right hand corner. Aren’t they awesome? I love Harold and Maude.)