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9 Jul

A Little Heart Bursting Never Hurt Anyone

Have I hollered enough about the joyfultastic awesomeness that is this? Have you heard just about enough about tutus and New York and walking and skipping and running and wishes and dreams and carpe-ing the diem? Do you have no soul?

Then you might want to skip this post. I hope that you won’t, but I’m not the boss of you, so.

First: did you sign up to run/walk/saunter in New York? I hope that you did. If you didn’t, that’s totally okay, though! Because you can still put on a tutu and walk with me and Tanner (his mom is going to run – more on that below – so he and I are going stroll together)! As long as we don’t disrupt New York going about its Friday morning business, we can walk en masse. (Registration is necessary for getting into the post-run breakfast, but really, we’ll be all jacked up on tutus and love and coffee – because I will so totally be carrying a coffee – so, whatever.) So! Please walk with me?

Second: if you’re not coming to New York/BlogHer, you can still (as I explained in this post) put on a tutu that morning and join us virtually! Put on a tutu to do laundry, to commute to work, to shop for groceries – and then send me links to pics, or just pics, and we’ll post them. Tutus are for EVERYWHERE. They’re like love that way.

Third: the gentleman who is sometimes known as BlackHockeyJesus will be donning a tutu, which is totally what everyone else is doing, but he will also be running the 5k through Central Park over and over and over and over again, as many times as he can, to raise money for DMD. And he’ll be doing it with my sister. He’s taking pledges – which are basically like charitable bets, when you think about it – on how many 5ks he/they can run.

I know. My heart burst a little bit, too.

There’s no cure for Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy, and there’s not likely to be in the time that Tanner has left, but working for a cure will save some boy’s life – some many boys’ lives – and that’s a legacy worth pursuing.

I love you all so much for the support that you’ve been providing for this, for us. Have I told you that? I do. I really do.