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1 Feb

When Bad Things Happen To Good Dolls

**Because appending notes to old posts is easier than writing new ones… post-script added below…

I was greeted, when I returned home from teaching yesterday, by this apparition: WonderBaby’s Holly Hobby doll (a gift from her bad grandma), strapped into a toy stroller and decked out in do-rag and bling (and yes, one mitten and one evening glove. It’s cold out, you know.)

This, WonderBaby’s caregiver informed me, was entirely the work of WonderBaby: she strapped Holly (Puff Holly? P-Holl?) into the stroller, she placed the bling around her neck, she put the mitt and glove on, and (this is, I feel, the most staggering thing) she fashioned the do-rag.

She Bratzed her Holly Hobby, and I, for one, am reeling from the irony.


Late-breaking edit – so, you know how I made a point of shunning the big blog awards last fall? This award is different… about as inclusive as you can get and still call it an award. Mom-101 nominated me for Most Thought-Provoking, which was just so flattering, because I really should be up for Most Neurotic, and/or Most Likely To Use Unnecessarily Big Words, but those weren’t categories, so, um, anyway… SHARE THE LOVE.

Oh, and speaking about sharing the love, think about visiting the Basement, if you haven’t been by lately…