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12 Jan

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Pregnant Beholder

You know how it goes. You have a prenatal appointment, they do an ultrasound, they let you see your baby, and you’re just filled – suffused – with the joy of seeing your beautiful baby boy right there on the screen, every healthy – healthy! – bouncing inch of him, little legs bending and kicking (oooh, my goodness, you have a little active one! says the radiologist), little hand shoved in little mouth, and you think, that’s my baby, that’s my beautiful baby.

And the radiologist says, I just need to get a look face-on, and pushes and prods at your belly with the ultrasound stick, and then exclaims, oh, look, there’s the little face!

And you think, oh, my. SKELETOR.

But he’s still the most beautiful boy that you’ve ever seen.