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22 Oct

This Is Tanner

This is Tanner:

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Tanner is my nephew. He’s dying. There aren’t any words that can adequately describe how hard that is. That said, I do try to describe it, sometimes. And I try to share a little something of his life and struggle and his family’s life and struggle and all the beauty and the sadness that those contain, because it’s a life worth sharing and celebrating, and story worth being told.

This stream includes all of the posts about Tanner and the stuff that I’m doing to make what remains of his life a  little happier, and to raise awareness of the challenges that children with severe disabilities and/or terminal or chronic illness face. If you’re interested in the backstory – the tale behind the tutus, the word on Tanner’s wishes – and in the things that you can might do to help, you can visit the dedicated Tanner page, and catch up.