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15 Jul

And On The Seventh Day, She Blogged

Things have settled down ’round here. Wonderbaby has recovered from her mysterious fever and stopped throwing lemons at me. She still much prefers Daddy, but whatever. I’m used to rejection. I can take it.

Still – am exhausted from the trauma that was Thursday and the bitch-slapfest that was Friday and the tequila that I had to drink to recover on Saturday. So, all you get today is a Whassup Y’all ‘Round Up.

What’s up in Her Bad Mother’s ‘hood?

1) Speaking at BlogHer. This has been on the table for months now, but it only just sunk in, like, last week when a certain awesome lady and co-panellist confided that she was SO (curse word curse word curse word) NERVOUS. Which was fatal, really, because nerves are like a supervirus, highly contagious, and once you’re infected, that’s it. There’s no cure. And trust me, as a some-time university lecturer, I can say with full authority that that whole thing about picturing the audience in their underwear being an effective salve for nerves? Is bullshit.

(No, experience as a lecturer does not help in this case. Nor does a background in speaking at academic conferences. In both cases, you’re pretty well-assured that half the crowd isn’t listening. Also, they don’t know all about that time that your zipper was down, or the time that you ran out of the fitting room at H&M half-naked, or that your toddler totes a plush phallus around with her at all times, or the fact that your boobs never recovered from breastfeeding. Those audiences do not know, in other words, that you are, in fact, a ridiculous human being. So.)

2) Looking forward to scavenging at BlogHer. This may be an effective salve for my nerves, if only because it will help me come to terms with my ridiculousness. Check out the deets at Cool Mom Picks, and join in on the discussion on Facebook.

3) Really looking forward to getting the BlogHers Act Canada survey up, and seeing what people have to say about the causes that they’d like to support. Check the site tonight and throughout the week. (And? WRITE POSTS. About the causes that you’d like to see pursued over the coming year, by BlogHers Act Canada and BlogHers Act and by bloggers generally. Send me the link if you do, or leave a comment at the relevant sites.) Edited to add: SURVEY’S UP! Go vote!
4) Really, really looking forward to this, oh my hell can barely stand it.

5) Loving, as always, the Basement. The quality of discussion there – and the love and support that are offered – never fails to blow me away.

6) Loving, as always, BlogRhet. See #4 about quality of discussion etc, etc. The same applies here.

7) Selling out. Except not really, because I believe that the open exchange of information about goods and services in a market society is a necessary and even noble endeavour.
8) Gossiping. I haven’t said much about my secret life as a gossip blogger, but there it is: I moonlight as a gossip blogger over at Babble. And no, I’m not ashamed. I love it. I have a deep and abiding love for popular culture, and can wax academic to you about the politics of comedy and the practice of mocking celebrity and authority as seminal in the development of classical comedy (this, in fact, was the subject of my first peer-reviewed academic article. Now you know.) Which is to say, I love to poke fun at famous and semi-famous and desperate-to-be-famous people. Including, recently, the Bishop of Croydon. And Wayne Gretzky. I know. It doesn’t get any headier than this.

9) Remaining deeply, deeply in love with my girl.

Unrequited love.