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24 Nov

A Room Of Her Own, With Candy

This is still very much a work in progress – I have yet to acquire a sufficiently big candy jar, and the Buffy The Vampire Slayer DVD collection still isn’t unpacked – but it is coming along and it is making me very, very happy. The trendy term for it is ‘Mom Cave,’ but for me it’s really more of a happy place slash office slash inspiration zone slash nap corner.

In it, I have my favorite books and my favorite music and little tchotchkes and knick-knacks and random things like marbles and river stones and pens and notebooks and also a sofa bed with lots of blankets and one or two cats. There’s a collection of Emilia’s artwork and some photographs taken by an inspirational friend or two (to say nothing of the wonderful book published by one of those friends) and also an old map of Paris and a vintage poster of a 1920’s Vogue cover that I haven’t yet found frames for. I’m still missing, as I said, a suitable jar for candy (it needs to be big and made of clear glass, so that I can see the candy and be always tempted) and a spot for all the DVDs that I will watch on those slow weekend afternoons when the kids are napping and the husband is fiddling with tools or electronics, and one or two other happy-making things, but the room already feels like a sanctuary, and that’s what I needed. A sanctuary. A place for me.

Sure, it’s no blanket fort, but a closed-in protective hideaway is not what I need. In this fort, my fort, the sheets and blankets flutter on a breeze of imagination and inspiration and comfort and calm, and they open up – widely, wildly, crazily, messily – to the sky.