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11 Jun

A Week Is Seven Days. I Think.

I was on my own with the kids this weekend, which was interesting. I haven’t been on my own with the kids since sometime last summer, I think. I actually can’t remember. Which is kind of terrible, isn’t it? I can’t even REMEMBER what it was like to work from home and be the primary caregiver. Well, I can remember the WHAT and the HOW: I just can’t remember the WHEN.

She remembers. It was a dark time.

Anyway. It was a long week last week, and Kyle needed a break, so he took off on his own little man-escape – mancation? – which left me holding the reigns with the kids. Which was fine – it was kind of easier than I expected – but I’m exhausted, and facing another long week, and I can barely remember the last 24 hours, let alone the last seven days. SO.

Last week:

1) My mom visited, which was awesome. We saw a space shuttle.

2) Kyle wrote his very first guest post here, which was also his very first review. Fingers crossed that he’s hooked, because, really, it’s about time he pitched in around here.

3) My ladies came over, and we drank tequila, and plotted world domination.

4) There was also this visit to the VAMPIRE STATE BUILDING. SADLY LACKING IN VAMPIRES.

5) And miscellaneous reflections on that one time that I wondered about getting a nose job, etc.

Anyway. It’s a new week. There might be naps. There will certainly be tequila. ONWARD.