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21 Jan

Pho-ning it in…

I had, I promise you, all manner of fascinating anecdote and deep thought to share with you this weekend, but I am, simply, TOO TIRED.

So you will just have to make do, for today, with this little piece of WonderBaby trivia: her current favourite food – preferred over such adored, but lesser, delicacies as blueberries, yogourt, cheese (old cheddar), tofu and cake – is pho. With chopsticks.

Moments later, she lifted the bowl and attempted to slurp all of the brothy goodness from the bottom, most of which ended up pouring down her front and into her diaper instead. A messy but noble effort.

Why am I sharing this? No reason. I can wring no special significance, no commentary on childhood or parenting or culture, from this particularly piece of trivia. There is no obvious poetry here, no obvious point of departure for philosophic reflection on the beautiful mess that is babyhood, childhood, family.

Just this baby, this mess, this joy. A snapshot, or three, of these.

That’s all, for now.