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13 Apr

There’s Something About WonderBaby

WonderBaby did her own hair today:

As she is wont to do:

This look is achieved through the application of her custom blend of liquid hand soap and drool (var. apple juice and snot). A strange concoction, but effective, and vastly preferable to other forms of hair gel.

Any resemblance between WonderBaby and fictional characters from Farrelly Brothers comedies is purely coincidental.

I’ve been a very poor blog citizen (blogizen?) for the past week and half or so, what with illness and all, and I’m afraid that my lackluster participation in the blogosphere will remain such for a few days yet, as WonderBaby and I explore the western colonies. But the show will go on chez HBM – there’s going to be a little dirty burlesque action from a crack team of guest performers while WonderBaby and I are gone, and it’ll be worth checking out.
And check out MBT – lots of good bloggy action there. And the Basement, too – head over for a visit, or submit a post (‘s quiet ’round there) and liven things up a bit.
(EDITED TO ADD: And things did indeed just get livened up in the Basement.)
Lots to do. You’ll hardly notice that we’re gone.